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PDF-Writer.NET component is designed to provide developers with an easy-to-use tool for creating standard PDF file from their applications. We have designed PDF-Writer.NET on strict guidelines of Adobe PDF Standards and .NET graphics standards. This makes it very easy to use and program. It hides the complex structure of PDF files behind a simple object model that allows creation of complex PDF files with few lines of codes. The Visual Studio .NET programmers can leverage their current programming language (C# or Visual Basic .NET) when programming for PDF-Writer.NET.

We have designed PDF-Writer from basic blocks. It is written in 100% managed C# and doesn't require any third-party DLLs. With intelligent design PDF-Writer.NET is one of the most innovative, powerful and fast, Standard PDF file generation component designed for Visual Studio .NET.

You can also purchase 100% Source code for complete control and flexibility in your application development process. Distribution of PDF-Writer.NET component is Royalty Free.

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Pricing :
Professional - $89
Professional - $299 (with 100 % source code)
Requirements :  
Microsoft .NET Framework v1.0 or v1.1 or v2.0 or v3.0 or v3.5 or later.
Summary of Features :
Easy to Design and Deploy : Easy to use PDF Graphics class (similar to GDI+).
Compression : Flate Compression and Image Compression to reduce size of PDF file.
Encryption : PDF-Writer.NET Supports Encryption (User and Owner Passwords, User Access Permissions). With Built in encryption and hash algorithm.
Digitial Signature : Support for generating Digitially Signed PDF.
AcroForm Framework : Support for Button, CheckBox Field, ComboBox Field, ListBox Field, RadioButton Field, TextField.
Layers & SubLayers : Support for Layers & SubLayers (Optional Content Groups). An optional content group is a dictionary representing a collection of graphics that can be made visible or invisible dynamically by users.
Patterns (Tiling & Shading) : Support for Patterns (Tiling & Shading).
Imaging Framework : With native support for BMP, JPEG, GIF, EMF, PNG, TIFF, Multi-Page TIFF.
Image masking, Transparency, Tiff To PDF Conversion, CCITT G4 image compression, DEFLATE image compression, DCTDecode image compression, CMYKImage Processing, Processing of Image with ColorSpace support.
Barcodes Framework : Support to generate Codabar, Code-11, Code-128, Code-39, Code-39 Extended, Code-93, Code-93 Extended, EAN-128, EAN-13, EAN-8, UPC-A, UPC-E, Supplement 2, Supplement 5, Industrial 2 of 5, Interleaved 2 of 5, Matrix 2 of 5, MSI, PostNet.
Transparency : Support for Transparency (Alpha channel).
Transformation : Support for Transformation (Translate, Rotate, Scale or Skew).
Clipping : Support for Clipping Area.
Unicode : Support for Full Unicode.
Font metrics : Font metrics access.
Standard PDF Fonts : support for 14 Standard PDF Fonts (Built-in).
Local Font File : Supports for Local font files.
TrueType Fonts : Support for TrueType Fonts.
TTC Fonts : Support for TTC (True Type Composite) fonts.
System.Drawing.Font : Support for TrueType Fonts from System.Drawing.Font.
Type1 Fonts : Support for Type1 Fonts.
CJK Fonts : Support for Chinese, Japanese, Korean Fonts (CJK Fonts)..
Embedding & Sub-Setting : Support for Font embedding and Sub-Setting.
Tables : Support to Render Tables.
RichText Area : Support to Render RichText Area.
Render - Line, Lines, Rectangle, Rounded Rectangle, Ellipse, Circle, Polygon, String, TextBox, Bezier curves, Splines, Image, Path, Link, Note, Clipping Area.
System.Drawing.Color, RGB Colors, CMYK Colors, Web Colors, Grayscales, 141 Predefined Colors.
Text State , CharSpace, Text-Render-Mode, Subscript, Superscript.
JavaScript : Support for JavaScript Actions, Document Level Javascript.
File attachment and File link.
Viewer preferences.
Single Pass Processing : Support to generate PDF in single pass as you add page to document.
100 % Managed C# Assembly.
Use with WinForm and ASP.NET application.
Smallest deployment assembly of its kind. Lightweight and extremely fast loading.
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